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How I became a Mind Surgeon

A fun full circle moment that any life coach can understand.

My dad is a neurosurgeon.

We’ve had a very rocky relationship until 14 years ago when I started working on myself.

I’ve been a life coach for over 10 years.

He did NOT understand what being a coach meant at all.

He, like many people who don’t understand the power of life coaching, sort of made fun of it.

A while ago, he had a very stressful event that he’s been worried about for months.

He was losing weight, not sleeping, very anxious.

As a person who has always been in control and very powerful, he was having a difficult time managing his anxiety.

He asked me to coach him.

I was very surprised because he’s NEVER been open to working on himself EVER.

My first thought was “I can’t coach my dad!”

Then I thought about it and decided that of course I can coach him.

I’ll coach him BECAUSE I love him.

I coached him HARD.

I served him sooooo well.

It took a little while for him to open up and be vulnerable with his true thoughts and feelings.

Thankfully, I have great coaching tools.

Mind Surgery

He clearly saw his mind.

How his current line of thinking, feeling and being were creating unwanted results.

Then we pivoted to reveal what other thoughts and feeling could he choose that would drive actions and behaviors that would create the results he wanted instead.

It was so fun!

Incredibly fulfilling.

We also created some tools for him to use when the old ways of being came back. (Which they will.)

It’s not therapy.

This type of coaching is about mind management.

He understood.
At the end of our 2 hour session, he gave me the best compliment I’ve ever received:

“I’m a brain surgeon. You are a mind surgeon.”

AND he went to his stressful event and did GREAT.

This was a beautiful layer of healing for our father-daughter relationship.

Healing and Growth

Healing and growth can come from 2 places:

  • Someone who proactively wants to grow and heal.
  • Someone who is in pain.

Sometimes pain is the doorway to change.

Without the big inner struggle, I don’t know that he would’ve been open or would have asked for coaching.


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