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A Simple Way to Stop or Reduce Negative Self Talk with the Heartwork Journaling BabyPics lesson

One of the things ALL of my coaching clients work on is the amount of negative self talk going on in their mind.

Part of this is our normal and healthy human brain.

It’s trying to help us be efficient and avoid pain.

Being efficient shows up as self criticism because it’s simply a bad habit of thought.

We are socialized to not:

  • shine too brightly
  • be arrogant
  • celebrate ourselves
  • be “too much”

We are socialized that in order to be the best possible version or ourselves, we should not fail.

Failure is “shameful” and “I’m doing it wrong” is bad.

Many people LOGICALLY know it’s ok to fail, but 100% of my clients struggle with failure or better said, doing almost anything to avoid failure.

So when we inevitably fail at every single new thing we try to do, we think it’s a character defect.

Failure is the only way to move forward in anything.

Self-criticism and self-judgment about failure keeps us from allowing ourselves to try again and improve with each attempt.

Failure is fertilizer to every single one of your dreams and goals.

When was the last time you failed on purpose?

Failing on purpose is how you grow and evolve.

Thoughts are a choice.

Many people think that thoughts just “happen”.

I know it seems that way sometimes but it’s NOT true.

Most people have no idea that the lower primitive brain, the self-critical jerk in this case, is “trainable”.

Yes, much like our beloved rescue puppy Rocky, I have trained myself to reduce and in some cases eliminate my negative self-talk.

One of my favorite things is seeing this also reduce in my clients.

This is work WORTH doing.

There are MANY ways to do this.

One way of re-training your self-critical and self-judge-y brain.

Today I’m going to share one super simple, yet super effective method called BabyPics – radical compassion with your self.

My clients – and I – have successfully used this to reduce self-criticism and self-judgment.

Enjoy the lesson below.

Even IF you don’t do the doodle… this concept will help you radically curb self-criticism.

This lesson has expired.


Commit to practicing this for 2 weeks.

Notice how your AWARENESS of the self-criticism and self-judgment increases.

Which is great because then you can use this simple Babypics trick to re-condition your primitive (and healthy) human brain.

Here’s to liking – and maybe even loving – yourself more.

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