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How to set your big scary goals with love.

Give love.

We know to do this with others but sometimes it can be so easy to NOT do with yourself.

This time of year, one of the things I coach clients through is setting BIG SCARY goals for their business.

People can be really, really, REALLY resistant to setting goals outside their comfort zone.

ESPECIALLY if they’ve “weaponized” and used those past goals and dreams against themselves. 

This is when you:
😓 beat yourself up for not reaching a goal
😓 ruminate over all the reasons why you failed to reach your goal
😓 think the reason you didn’t reach your goal is because you have a character flaw

😓 or you criticize yourself for finding a goal you totally forgot to stay focused on

Don’t do that!

It’s not helpful.

Failing to reach your goals is the path to success.

Every single failure has in it the seed of success.

In fact, failures are THE path to success.

Instead of beating yourself up, look at what happened, what did work, what you learned about what didn’t work and what you’ll do differently next time.

That’s it.

No beating up allowed on the way to your dreams. 

Love yourself through ALL of it. 

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