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Self-love Heartwork Journaling mini lesson

In this Heartwork Journaling mini lesson, I share a fun self love practice.

In our culture, we are bombarded with messages about how you:

  • are not enough (and here’s what will make you feel “enough”)
  • must “improve”
  • should climb the ladder of “success”

It can be very easy to focus on and find all your “faults”.

Years ago, I used to loathe myself.

Trying to fill the hole in my heart with external things so that I would “improve”, be “enough” or feel worthy was exhausting.

It didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I decided to look inside and find where I was worthy, enough, successful NOW.

This lesson is one of the ways I helped love myself NOW.

It’s one of the things I work with my clients to help them feel worthy, enough, soul sufficient and successful NOW… even while they go for their goals in a new, compassionate, calm way.

When you love yourself and feel worthy, you don’t stop going for your goals.

That’s what I used to be scared of… that I would just start being comfortable and wouldn’t want to create big things.

The opposite is true.

From a place of self-love and self-sufficiency, you will be able to create MORE of what you want, with calm and peaceful purpose.

When more people can do this, what a world we can create for ourselves and those around us.


Enjoy the lesson and please share it with me, either via email, DM on Facebook or Instagram or on social with the hashtag #heartworkjournaling



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