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Stop giving away your coaching for free – even and especially to friends.


Please stop giving away your coaching for free.

It benefits no one.

Not you or the “client”.

This is true, even and especially if the person you’re coaching is a friend.

Good friends don’t ask for free coaching.

Good friends who are coaches don’t give away their coaching for free.

Why “free” coaching isn’t free.

Coaching people for free is actually very costly.

A while ago, I had a friend who regularly called me for “advice” and conversations.

She wanted to be a coach like me.

The majority of our conversations centered around why it was going to be hard for her and the obstacles in her way.

I gave advice.

I tried to inspire her.

I expended time, expertise and energy trying to inspire her into action.

After two years of no action, I stopped coaching her cold turkey.

I thought I was helping her, but realized I was doing a disservice by coaching her for free.

People who don’t invest in themselves, don’t have skin in the game and rarely, if ever, act.

This is detrimental to both people.

Detrimental for you, as the coach – You’re a coach because you’re in the business of helping people make powerful decisions and commitments.

Your free clients haven’t made a powerful decision or commitment.

When week after week they have no results to show for your coaching, your self belief can erode if you’re not careful.

Detrimental for your free “client” – Their self-belief erodes more each day because they never made an actual commitment.

They have no reason to finally and powerfully act.

They can always start tomorrow.

Especially when there’s no end to the free inspirational coaching.

It becomes a hit of “good feeling” dopamine in the moment .

It ends up no real results.

It ends up in wasted time.

The truly magical part of coaching is when a person invests in themselves and their dreams.

That’s when they get powerful results.

And isn’t that what you truly want for a friend?

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