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What can Heartwork Journaling help you with?

Heartwork Journaling is a simple, yet incredibly powerful tool I use to:

  • 1. coach my private business clients to make more impact and more money.
  • 2. coach my customers (through group programs and courses) to learn how to feel better, solve ANY problem and become the hero of their own life.

It’s about taking 100% responsibility for every single aspect of your life.


Not in a blamey “you’re doing it wrong” way, but in a self-empowered, “new-ability-to-respond” way.


Heartwork Journaling will show you how to coach yourself to feel better and solve ANY of life’s challenges.


I promise it will be fun.

You cannot get this wrong.


You may be thinking you don’t have a creative bone in your body.


Heartwork Journaling is NOT about art!


It’s 90% about the journaling part.


You can choose to try the creativity part to:

  • reveal more layers of clarity and insight
  • bring playfulness and compassion to inner work that sometimes feels heavy
  • achieve additional catharsis of thoughts and emotions that feel bad
  • embed new options of thought and feeling MUCH MUCH more quickly


You can’t fail here.


Every journal entry you make is a valid part of your journey.

soul medicineIt’s private and inside your journal, for your eyes, mind and heart only.

There will be no test.

There will only be greater awareness and insight, more empowerment and love.


Heartwork Journaling is sacred communication between you and YOU.

Your presence and willingness to gain more self-awareness and insight is the only requirement.

Heartwork Journaling is medicine for your soul.

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