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You are not meant to be everyone’s cup of tea – Heartwork Journaling mini lesson

This Heartwork Journaling mini lesson was inspired by my first 3 start review on Amazon about the book.

It’s also one of my very favorite Courage Cards!

You’ll do a Heartwork Journaling piece to remember that it’s not only OK – it’s a REALLY good thing – when you find that you aren’t everyone’s “cup of tea”!

When you are being true to yourself, using your voice, setting boundaries, sharing your gifts in the world, one of the things that gets in the way is wanting to be liked by everyone.

When you are using your voice and doing important work in the world, you WILL be criticized, you will be misjudged.

Nothing has gone wrong.

This lesson has expired.

In this lesson, you can use a pen and piece of paper OR you can use a waterproof pen, watercolors and watercolor paper.

See the exact supplies I use here.


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