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Your Emotional Fuel Matters – How to Make the Impossible Happen

This is an excerpt of a video I recently did for my coaching clients as they go for their BIG goals.

This video has expired.

In it, I share the story of how Oprah’s producer called me and how I was subsequently interviewed by Oprah on The Soul Series.

Think about it.

How much action would I have had to take to try and get interviewed by Oprah?

Instead, I set the vision. I did take action that was fun, easy and unattached.

I create miracles when I infuse my action with the right emotional fuel.

Everyone can.

Oprah's producer Corny callIt really is a crazy series of events AND showed me the power we all have inside.

The emotional fuel of your actions matters.

A lot.

You can take a ton of action and get very few results.

That will get you into hustle, hustle, hustle energy…

Usually with very little results to show for it.

OR, you can take incredibly leveraged action and create INCREDIBLE results.

One of my best emotions that fuel my actions that become leveraged, inspired action is:


My definition of compelled is:

To experience an irresistible urge, inspiration to act without attachment to the outcome.

Everyone’s emotional fuel is going to be different.

It’s important to find your emotional fuel that makes your impossible goals and dreams actually happen.

If you’re interested in getting 1:1 support to help you go for your impossible dreams and goals, in a smart and leveraged way, click here to apply to speak to me and see if we’re a good fit. 

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