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Thanksgiving Video – You Are Your Own Hero!

Here’s my Thanksgiving Gift video I created for my subscribers… It’s all about realizing that no on’es coming to save you and it’s up to each and every one of us to become your own hero! And no matter how many failures you’ve had in the past or how low you may feel at any particular time…

“With Each Failure Lies the Seed of an Equivalent Success” Napoleon Hill

It’s the story of how I picked myself back up after divorce and severe panic attacks wondering what I was going to do…

I learned to become my own best friend again and started doing weekly meeting in my city to help others conquer their fears and empower themselves…

and Harpo Inc ended up calling me for an interview and Oprah liked what I was doing so much that she asked me to mention one of my websites at the end of the interview! 

I didn’t have a website up for what I was doing at the time, but I did have a domain name.. so it flew out of my mouth and I had 6 weeks from the time of the Oprah interview til it actually aired.  So I knew this was a great opportunity!  I got it done and started doing telesminars at Our Law of Attraction Podcast, I made products out of them and began coaching my listeners to do the same!  And now I teach people to get their products out of their heads and turn them into reality!  (yes, that’s me on the horses and those are my Law of Attraction cartoons)

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