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Livestreaming Ideas & Topics

Today I want to help nudge you to livestream for your business.

Here’s a list that will help you when you think “I don’t know what to say?” or “what if I run out of ideas?”

First, it’s important to know your audience.

Who are you speaking to?

This will help inform your content.

Remember that you want to make your livestreams valuable to your intended audience.

You will want to be clear on WHO that is. 

When I say “valuable content” – this does not mean you have to give everything away.

Bringing incredible value to your audience can simply mean to inspire, uplift them or give them a place to connect with like-minded people.

take imperfect brave actionI’ll keep adding to this list so bookmark this page to come back to it as a resource. 


I’ve linked below to several livestreams that are my “fancy” ones – Do NOT allow the fact that you may “only” have an iPhone (at the moment) stop you.

***You do NOT need “fancy” livestreaming equipment to use the the incredible communication tool of livestreams to get more visibility for your business.***

The only thing you need is you and your COURAGE!

25 Ideas & Topics for You to Choose From

Here are 25  Ideas & Topics for you to start livestreaming and sharing your expertise and light in the world.

  1. Tell the story of how you got started in your area of expertise. MAKE sure this is not only about you though, stories can be powerful teaching and content lessons.
    Why is this story useful or inspiring to your audience?
  2. Answer questions.This is GOLD. I make a note of every question I get in a note in my phone or I take a photo or screenshot to add to my questions list later. Some of the livestreams I’ve done with the best organic reach began with a community member’s question.
    If the question is broad, you can divide up your answer and turn it into a livestream series. Questions can also lead you to get products to offer.
  3. Share DIY shortcuts.
  4. Livestream from an event your audience would love to attend but can’t.
  5. Interview a speaker (at the event).
    For this keep it short(ish), sweet, content-filled and meaningful for your audience. Do NOT forget to promote the speaker – they’re giving you their valuable time and content.
  6. Interview an expert (same guidelines as #5 above.)
  7. Tour your office.
  8. Show your favorite books on your bookshelf (Give a teeny tiny valuable takeaway from your top 3 or 4.)
  9. Paint or create something.
  10. Do a comparison of two products your audience would be interested in. (Think: Consumer Reports.)
  11. Have fun – decorate for Halloween, Christmas, Easter eggs, writing your annual “Family Holiday update” letter.As you build your audience and are consistent about publishing, as you build a relationship with your audience – this could be super fun.
    I’m planning a fun livestream for Halloween that I was too scared to do last year, but now that I know my audience and LOVE them and we trust each other, I’m super excited to have fun with them!!!!


  12. Do a craft or cook with your kids, your partner or a friend. 
  13. Tour a store that your audience would enjoy. (I would do Office Depot for favorite business products or Michael’s for favorite art supplies.)
  14. Tour your favorite out-of-town store. Hopefully you’ll have better internet than I did in Paris at a very old art supply shop, but it was still super fun!
  15. Tell an underdog story about how someone underestimated you once. What valuable takeaway can you give to your audience?
  16. Bake cookies or a cake for a special occasion.
  17. Do a favorite things episode (Oprah is a genius marketer after all.)
    It doesn’t have to be for Christmas, it could be for “back to school” favorite things or “going on vacation” favorite things or  “travel for work” or “beauty products” – you get the idea. Get creative!
  18. Share a big “A-Ha” moment that shifted everything for you. What is a key takeaway for your audience?
  19. For realtors:
    show yourself staging a home
    show an incredible part of the home
    tour the garden
    share your excitement when you put a “sold” sign in the front yard
    chat about the house while arranging flowers in the beautiful kitchen
    family or dining room
    take your audience to choose a “housewarming” gift for new buyers,
    tell a “fun fact” story about the home if there is one
    go for a walk in the neighborhood sharing how quiet / beautiful / friendly it is
  20. What do you do when you have a bad day or a big disappointment? How do you deal with it and then move on? (Don’t go on too long about the bad day. State it and then move on to the solution.)
  21. If you’re a therapist or coach, do a “Cliff’s Notes” series on your favorite personal development books in your area of expertise. You’ll want to have a clear and helpful synopsis of the book with a few takeaway tips for your audience. At the end, you can have a call to action to schedule a session.

    (If you do this, be SPECIFIC.) Where EXACTLY do people go to sign up for this?

  22. Have someone livestream you while you’re being interviewed for tv, radio, a podcast or if you’re speaking from stage or at a Meetup. I livestreamed (on Periscope when it was the rage) when I interviewed Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire at Podcast Movement.
  23. Make an announcement.
  24. Pull cards – inspirational cards, angel cards, whatever you use yourself.
  25. Draw a doodle about a concept your audience would benefit from.
  26. Share tips on how your audience can stay motivated to reach their goals.

Let me know what you think, if you have anything to add to this resource blog post AND especially what happens when to try one of these.

You May Feel Like You’re Screaming Into the Wind for a While.

I have to end with this… IF you have not livestreamed before or if you are just starting and don’t have much of an audience (YET) be prepared to feel like you’re screaming into the wind for a while.

That’s how I’ve felt many times.

You’re really trying, you’re showing up, you’re giving great value… but there’s no one (or ALMOST no one) there.

It’s ok.

Do NOT let that stop you.

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it can feel a little embarrassing.

Keep Going. Invite a trusted friend to attend for moral support.

How to Improve.


Last Fall, I watched every single livestream I did immediately after they ended.

livestream talking head shot


It was painful a few times. (Be kind to yourself as you review!)

I also learned what I did right.

I learned this powerful growth tool from my experience with my show horses.

You have to review your work to see where to improve and to celebrate what you did right.

You can do this!

It’s fun and an incredible way to really get to know and love your audience – and vice versa!

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  1. Wendy Wagoner on October 11, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Great tips‼️ Thanks so much‼️‼️❤️

  2. Rita on October 11, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Maritza: what a wonderful blueprint to follow. You are so clear, honest and transparent in all your advice and in the sharing of your experiences with the perfect and not so perfect, that is really liberating by giving us permission to try and learn try and learn until we get it right.
    Since I started working with you as my business coach a couple of years ago, my business has bloom and it doesn’t stop. So has my personal life. So grateful.

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