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Heartwork Journaling Podcast Episode 8 – Lil Surprenant MD Money and Impact Breakthrough

In today’s episode I share one of my wonderful coaching clients, Lil Surprenant MD.

She’s a full time physician, wife and mother to 2 incredible sons.

She’s an early adopter to life coaching who believes in the power of being heard and working on yourself at the thought and emotion level.

Her work on her own and with coaches previously has helped her recreate her relationship with her career as a physician plus lose and keep 75 pounds off for good.

In our work together she’s had beautiful breakthroughs about:

  • letting go of what others think about her life coaching career
  • being paid well as a life coach
  • asking for money without apology or disclaimer
  • raising her prices to reflect the value
  • time scarcity
  • knowing that ultimately her clients are responsible for their results
  • her willingness to feel ANY emotion (true Self-Confidence)



I hope this interview inspires you to go for what you REALLY want because anything is possible.

Click here to go to Lil’s website.