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Heartwork Journaling Podcast Episode 1: The Heartworker’s Credo

The Heartworker’s Credo is a set of beliefs and guiding principles.

  1. We do SERIOUS personal growth through creativity and play.
  2. We love hard.
  3. We make things happen.
  4. We set goals for our growth, knowing that the sweetest success is being present on the journey to achievement.
  5. We feel deeply. Think deliberately. Act Courageously. We create our lives, not by default but on PURPOSE.
  6. We create everyday mental, emotional and behavioral health for ourselves.
  7. We live life in full color.
  8. We hold space to be human. For ourselves and for others.
  9. We commit to taking 100% responsibility for our lives. We don’t blame, indulge in self-pity, complain or hide.
  10. We don’t give up on our dreams. Ever.
  11. We don’t resist, avoid, react to or numb our emotions.
  12. we access our own wisdom daily.
  13. We are unconditionally compassionate with ourselves.
  14. We commit to self-knowledge. We do this by questioning ourselves scientifically.
  15. We don’t people-please. We don’t hustle. We plan our time. We take care of our own needs. We honor our word to ourselves.

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