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Heartwork Journaling Podcast Episode 3: Heartworker Stage 1 – The Seeker

Just in case the first few episodes haven’t made this clear:

The goal of Heartwork Journaling is not to make you better at creativity on the page.

The goal of Heartwork Journaling is to make you better at creating your life – on purpose.

How will you know Heartwork Journaling is working for you?  

  1. You feel better with more ease, on purpose, more often.
  2. You truly discover “your thoughts become your reality”, and you begin to consistently use this power in your everyday life.
  3. You welcome all your emotions, not just the good-feeling ones.
  4. You are no longer at the effect of your emotions. Instead you learn how to use your emotions as the valuable information and the important guidance they are for you. 
  5. You no longer wish or hope for the results you want. Instead you create the results you want in all areas of your life.

There are 5 stages of a Heartworker’s Journey.

  1. Seeker
  2. Dreamer
  3. Creator
  4. Visionary
  5. Master

Today’s podcast is about stage 1 The Seeker. In upcoming podcasts, I’ll go through each stage.

The main characteristic of a Seeker is that you are ready to take full ownership of your ability to respond to circumstances, uncertainty and events happening in your life.

Heartwork Journaling prompt from the episode:

What do I really want?

Not what you think you should want, or what someone else wants for you.

What do you want?

As you write this, imagine that NO one but you will ever read this. Allow yourself to be RADICALLY HONEST with yourself.

If you don’t know… try the journal prompt for a few days in a row. You will find what you want.

Worried someone else might read it?

Paint over it once you’re done writing.

Heartwork Journaling Doodle Prompt:

I shared my Last Day Photo Frame doodles I do often to stay focused and clear on what’s important.

Here are a few of my recent Last Day Photo Frame Doodles:

The doodle above is the Heartwork Journaling Rocky Mountain Retreat Center.

It will host Heartwork Journaling retreats where people from around the world will come to learn to play with an important purpose.

To gain the self-knowledge and self-realization to create a purposeful life of the experiences, growth and contribution they desire.

The above doodle is the hundreds and thousands of Heartwork Journaling books, journals, art supply kits and products that we ship around the world each month.

What will be inside your photo frames on the day you leave this earth?


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