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Heartwork Journaling Podcast Episode 0: What is Heartwork Journaling?

Welcome to the Heartwork Journaling Podcast!

Heartwork Journaling is  serious personal growth through creativity and play.

A Heartworker is someone who wants to grow, wants to evolve, wants to stop trying to change all the circumstances, events and even change the people around you  – have you noticed that doens’t work very well?

We focus on creating lasting change from the inside out.  

Why did I create the HWJ podcast?

This podcast is for my coaching clients – past, present and future – as additional support so they can take our work deeper.

It’s also  additional support for people joining me in Heartwork Journaling University.

And anyone who wants to look inside in order to grow themselves is welcome!

Season 1

I’m doing the podcast by seasons because… we are overloaded with content.

Part of the magic of Heartwork Journaling is that it’s about getting your inner wisdom and your guidance from inside.

That requires some silence and white space.

I wouldn’t be being a good leader if I preached white space and looking inside but was constantly giving more, more, more information.


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