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A blank page in your Heartwork Journal is a metaphor for your life

Think of a blank page as a metaphor for your life.

Just as you have the power to make marks on the page, you have the power to make marks in your life.


You also have the power to:

  • talk yourself out of it
  • overthink it
  • endlessly rearrange your supplies, tools & resources
  • buy new supplies, tools & resources
  • procrastinate
  • worry about what you’ll create
  • plan over and over again exactly how you will start
  • wait until conditions are “perfect” (aka: never)


Most people wait for days, weeks, years or decades to make marks on the page – and in their life.


creativity healsHeartwork Journaling is a beautiful way to PRACTICE being brave and making marks on the page – and in your life.


Those small consistent acts of bravery – of making marks in your journal – give you courage in your life.


When you write your thoughts out with a pen, your page becomes a mirror that reflects exactly what’s inside back to you.

It’s private so you don’t have to alter or filter what is inside of you through anyone else.

You can see and understand yourself more clearly.

It’s also fun to look back to realize and celebrate how far you’ve come.

You’ll remember moments of appreciation and joy.

You’ll see reminders of the strength or resilience you gained from the not-so-good times.


Your Heartwork Journal isn’t for anyone else but YOU.


You can also choose to leave your Heartwork Journal as a record for the future.

It will show that you experienced a life well lived.

It will remind others who see it later of our common humanity.

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