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Coaching – Are You Solving for the Symptoms or for the Cause?

Symptom Coaching vs. Causal Coaching


I am a very proud life coach.

Investing in your brain’s development may be THE SINGLE MOST important thing you ever do.

Everyday, more people are seeing the value of having a coach.

Yet many people still invest more in their monthly car payment, purchasing things that will depreciate instantly.

Investing in your brain is one of the most important things you can do because your thoughts and beliefs influence every single thing you do (or don’t do).

Investing in your brain is something that will appreciate and last forever.


It’s simple.

Changing your ACTIONS only works temporarily.

Trying to manipulate external circumstances, people, situations is a losing battle.

Changing your THOUGHTS changes everything.

Many people think reading books, consuming more information and jumping from expert to expert, solution to solution is the answer.

That is passive learning.

If you haven’t noticed yet, it does NOT create lasting results.

Getting a Causal Coach give you the ability to uncover and clearly see your thoughts, beliefs, emotion and behavior patterns.

From there, you can decide purposefully what thought, belief, emotion and behavior patters you want to DELIBERATELY install in your beautiful brain.

A Causal coach gets you out of passive information consumption and gets you into compassionate and committed ACTIVE APPLICATION and PRACTICE.

Causal Coaching creates better results and lasting change.

How to Get a Causal Coaching Consult

To get a free consult with me to explore how or if I can help you get new results, go to my Contact page here and send me a message with:

  1. the area where you want to create new results
  2. 3 specific dates and times you are available to speak in the next 7 days.

Let’s get you some new, lasting results.


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