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Your Sacred Self part 2 – find a balance between healthy selfish and healthy selfless

Your Sacred Self, part 2. (Here’s part 1.)

Sometimes with socialization, it can feel hard to find what it means to be healthy selfish and healthy selfless.

We are socialized to be kind and seek approval of other people, rather than listen to our sacred self.


Here’s a doodle from the book Heartwork Journaling about what it means to be healthy selfish and healthy selfless.

What is healthy selfish?

The top left doodle is healthy selfish – self-loving, self-regarding, self-seeking and self-directed.

This is someone that seeks growth, generally believes in their own enough-ness, practices healthy self-love and boundaries. The top right doodle is healthy selfless – self-questioning, self-doubting, self-reflective.

What is healthy selfless?

Healthy self-doubt is someone who does not believe they are always right.

They question themselves and others.

Having a healthy selfless attitude means to question and adjust your beliefs about yourself, life and importantly, about the detrimental stories you may be carrying around.

The doodle for this is the Divine Scientist in her white lab coat analyzing and learning from her experiments.

The inner world for BOTH of these indicates a general attitude of “I’m lovable, worthy and enough.”


I hope these doodles help you determine what it means for you to find your balance between being a healthy selfish and healthy selfless person – your Sacred Self.

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