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I love Heartworkers!

When I talked about the upcoming Doodle Your Emotions series on a Facebook live, a wonderful Heartworker named Lisa Hooker DeLong contacted me.

I did a quick live about it below:

[s3mm type=”video” s3bucket=”maritza-blog” files=”gift-DYE-lisa-final.mp4″ /]


Her message said that Heartwork Journaling had helped her take time for herself everyday and remember that she doesn’t have to be perfect. She offered to pay for someone else’s enrollment if I knew of someone in a current financial bind.

I thanked her for the BEAUTIFUL offer and said I’d accept if someone requested help.

Two days later someone contacted me that they would love to do the series but couldn’t currently afford it.

Match made!

Lisa gifted her second enrollment to a Heartworker she doesn’t even know.

Some people are experiencing financial difficulties right now.

Others are not.

I’m so glad Lisa made her heartfelt offer.

I’m so glad the lady who couldn’t enroll had the bravery to contact me and ask for help.

I won’t reveal her name because I want her to show up FULLY in the popup Facebook group.

I love Heartworkers!

Find out more about the Doodle Your Emotions series here.

We’re going to bravely look at our emotions, instead of resist, react, avoid or pretend.

Click here to join us and discover what your emotions are trying to tell you.


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