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Story of Heartwork Journaling – Doodle Video Tutorial part 2

Here’s part 2 of the story of Heartwork Journaling and the birth of the Heartwork Journaling book.

If you have something you’ve been wanting to share with the world but you’ve felt shy, uncomfortable or unsure, share anyway.

Last week I shared a video that really propelled me to start sharing Heartwork Journaling with the world, rather than keeping it to myself.

It was a quick doodle / stick video tutorial video I did to help Shane who had asked if I would illustrate her book.

People were soothing themselves with doodles.

The response to the first video amazed me. heartwork journaling soothes your soul

People were sending me photos of their beautiful, heartfelt doodles.

Even better than that, they were reporting how good it made them feel.

And they were asking questions.

Lots of questions.

About how to doodle different things.

Doodle Video Tutorial #2

I did a follow up video to give them a little more help with exactly how to doodle.


I was on vacation in Colorado but I could NOT wait to get home to share more. (You’ll see that in my enthusiasm, I didn’t brush my bed-head!)

Two days before this video, I woke up and the name “Heartwork Journaling” was in my head.

I opened me journal right away and I painted it.

heartwork journaling

That became the logo of Heartwork Journaling.

The domain name was available so I got it.

Heartwork Journaling was officially born.

Now it’s a book, a video series, a coloring book and there’s much more being planned!

Share Your Light.

If you feel pulled to share something with the world – DO IT.

Even if you feel shy, uncomfortable and unsure.

I was downright scared right before the first livestreams!

Not everyone will like what you do and that’s ok.

Focus on helping the people who DO like what you have to offer.

Follow your intuition – those urges that are born of serving and sharing – because they will lead you to your purpose.

And… drumrollll…

Heartwork Journaling will help you do that too!

Learn to Trust Your Intuition.

One of the things I’ve realized over the years cultivating a Heartwork Journaling practice is that it is an incredible tools for gaining clarity on yourself.

In fact, I’ve been using Heartwork Journaling to create Vision Boards for a long time.

In a world that is constantly telling us who we should aspire to be, who we should look like, what we should want… it can feel easy to lose sight of what YOU really want.

It’s also a tools for cultivating and strengthening trust in your intuition.

Intuition is spiritual insight, spiritual communication or a knowing you get from instinctive feeling.

Intuition is sacred communication.

Sacred communication starts by making marks on your blank page. everyday is a blank page

Heartwork Journaling is sacred communication between you and YOU.

When you combine creativity and writing in Heartwork Journaling, your page becomes a mirror that reflects exactly what’s inside back to you.

It’s private so you don’t have to alter or filter what is inside of you through anyone else.

You can see and understand yourself more clearly.

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