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Preparing to Create Your Business Vision Board for a new year

Getting ready to create my Vision Board specifically for Heartwork Journaling! Participants of the Business Vision Board Workshop will get to see me create it WHILE teaching some important ways to use your Business Vision Board on a consistent basis throughout they year. (Workshop alumni, you’ll get a link to join this week via email.)

My Business Vision Board Ready for Creating!

Here’s my Heartwork Journaling Business Vision Board with the Angel of Intention in the middle waiting to be filled with my intentions, dreams and specific goals for the next 12 months.

ready to create business vision board

Your Vision Board (whether for business or for life) isn’t something you create once and then forget about. You want to integrate it into your daily life.

THAT’S when it becomes a powerful force pulling you to SEE the doors that are only available to you, so that you can take the actions necessary to walk through those doors and make your dreams and goals happen.

How can you achieve more of what YOU want in the next 12 months?

As I shared on the NYE livestream, Harvard Business School research shows that the 1% of highest achievers REGULARLY write and review their goals.

On the bonus training on January 13th I’m doing for participants of the Business Vision Board Workshop, I’ll be sharing how I use my Vision Board to do this REGULARLY. If you’re a member of the Business Vision Board Workshop, you’ll get an invitation to join me for this event.

Not a member? You can learn more about it and come to the bonus event here. (If you have taken the Business Vision Board Workshop, no need to sign up for it again – you’ll get a link to attend this bonus call on Saturday, January 13th via email.)

Your Vision Board is the Future You Made Visible.

One of the things I love to say is that your Vision Board is a visual representation of the Future You and your Future Business. Which for entrepreneurs is SO closely intertwined.

Tracy Hall intention

After the New Year’s Eve event, my friend Tracy Hall shared what came to her as she closed out 2017 and created her Angel of Intention.

One of her guiding intentions that came to her clearly is “Paid to be me” – Don’t you love that?!?!!

As Tracy was creating her Angel, her 7-year old son asked if he could paint one too. Tracy printed off an Angel for him and he got to creating.

Here are images from Tracy and her son’s angels.

Tracy Hall angel of intention

While painting his Angel of Intention, Tracy’s young son said something that is PERFECT WISDOM.

“If I can see it, I can do it.”

From the mouths of babes, right?!

One of the reasons Vision Boards are so powerful is that you SEE what you want to DO on a daily basis.

If you can SEE it, you can DO it.

Using simple creativity to make the pictures – your exact visual representation of your big dreams and goals – is an incredibly powerful way of SEEING something in your mind, soul, eyes and heart.

courage card wisdom

I loved what Tracy’s son said so much that I had to create a Courage Card out of it. (Can’t wait to give these cards to her when she visits me in a few weeks! Tracy you did not see this.)

Just as you evolve throughout the next 12 months, keep updating your Business Vision Board. Daydream with it, update it, play with it, celebrate it and regularly review it.

On the bonus event, I’ll share how I use it daily. Also how I use my number goals in my journal to write and focus on them frequently.

When I consistently write and review the income goals I’ve set, my income goes up. When I go for a while without the focus on my numbers, income goes down. It’s crazy how it works and I’ll talk more about this on the bonus event!

Money is energy.

The more I experiment in my life and business with making money and receiving money, the more I know this to be true.

Setting big income and growth goals can be SCARY and actually cause you to go into full on SCARCITY mode… I’ll share a powerful exercise during the bonus event that helps me to shift to feel ABUNDANT.

When you make your offers from a place of FEELING abundant, there’s no energy of angst or scarcity to come through and stop the sale.

money is a gift of thanks

Money is a gift of thanks for the value you provide through your work.

On Receiving…

After setting my guiding intention to receiving, some incredible things have happened, showing me the path.

More men have signed up for the Business Vision Board Workshop, something my team and I have discussed wanting to happen more. YAY evolved dudes!!!

I’ve also been receiving many emails, Facebook private messages, handwritten cards and even beautiful blog post comments that make me teary with JOY.

One thing I know for sure is that when you share more of what is in your heart, mind and soul – when you share your work – incredible magic happens.

When you share your work (even when it’s “imperfect”), it can:

  • help people and change lives (including yours)
  • make a positive change in the world through the ripple effect
  • be seen and evolve in real-time

Perfectionists – it is TIME to share your “imperfect and enough” gifts and talents

For those of you who are still in “perfectionist” mode, what “evolve in real time” means is that when you do NOT share your gifts and talents in the world, they cannot be used by the people you want to inspire. You will never know how it WOULD have helped or what COULD have been better, when you don’t share.

Your gifts, light and talents can’t evolve into their most powerful version.

When you DO share your gifts and light in the world, people give you SPECIFIC feedback on HOW and WHY it helped them.

You get deeper distinctions and nuances into your work that you would otherwise NOT have received.

It allows your work to evolve and get even better than when it’s in a safe and protected bubble – in your head and heart!

It ALWAYS becomes so much more than you though it but only when you share and receive responses and feedback.

The beautiful messages I’ve received are making this message below more and more true for me. I want my work to be a love letter to the world.

your business is a love letter to the world

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  1. Julia on January 13, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    I love her son’s comment. No better place than my Business Vision Board to create what I want. Can’t wait to join you in the Workshop so I can “see” my year. Thank you Maritza.

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