[Marketing Opportunity] Appreciation Can Be A Positive Energy To Attract Miracles In Your Life

The first Marketing Opportunity that came to me through the Law of Attraction was Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor of the New York Times best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of books. I heard him give a wonderful inspirational speech about the Law of Attraction, and I mailed him a “Thank You” note of Appreciation.

I did not really expect to hear from him, he is a very busy man! I sent the note for ME because I was bursting with Appreciation and I it was important to me to let him know. I wrote the note on a card that mentioned my website for The Equine Experience a team-building workshop that I had created. He was so touched with what I wrote in the note that he and his staff visited the website.

By “coincidence,” he was going to be in San Antonio with a group of his closest friends. His assistant called me and booked a workshop event for 87 people! Now I know that there are no coincidences, I attracted it!

Are you finding the “hidden lesson” here?

Sincere appreciation with no expectation for an outcome is a powerful accelerator for attracting abundance and opportunity into your life.

The day after the event, Mark Victor invited me to have dinner on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It was Super Bowl Sunday so it was practically deserted and we were able to stay and talk for hours. I could hardly believe that I had the ear of one of the creative geniuses of our time! He was actually brainstorming on MY businesses and MY projects almost the entire time! WOW!

Mark Victor Hansen told me all about the incredible abundance and wealth that he’s created in his life today. He told me that the Ultimate Secret to creating massive wealth and abundance is by taking your products, your knowledge, your services, and your passion online in an effective way.

I don’t know about you, but when a Mega-Millionaire and Philanthropist tells me their Secret, I Listen!

He also gave my expensive website a friendly critique. I had a spinning logo on the homepage that was fancy but ineffective. I did not even realize that I was overlooking one of the all-time biggest mistakes people make when putting their business online. He said that if I didn’t have an effective presence on the internet, I would be losing a lot of opportunities.

That kind of great advice and guidance are HUGE profits from a teeny tiny investment. All that it took from me was the time to reach out and write a short note of Appreciation; and the cost of a postage stamp.

How many times have you wanted to show Appreciation but you let time go by and then you eventually forgot about it? Have you ever wanted to call, write, or send a quick email to show your Appreciation, and after some time went by it just seemed silly?

I know we all have, I still do sometimes. I am now much more aware that when you have feelings of Appreciation and are touched by Inspired Action, you should act on it and not just think about it.

Feelings of Appreciation are a high vibrating positive energy that will come right back to you when you release it out into the world.

Appreciation makes you do things, not for what you’ll get out of it, but to bring more energy of love to the world. Then, when you least expect it, that same energy will return to you!

If you will learn how to show appreciation for the feelings you will get from taking that action – and not for what you can get out of it – you will get something wonderful from it!

When you sincerely give (without any expectations), you will receive in some big and unexpected ways!

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  1. Rita says

    Maritza, I heard that story from you several years ago. I am very happy to be reminded of it when you have traveled such an amazing journey since then and took so many people like me along for this wonderful ride to success . Your action of appreciation brought so many blessings to your life, that in turn spilled over the lives of your students.We are grateful for all that you have shared and continue to share with us. Your influence has been life changing. With warmest regards, Rita.

  2. Chris says

    You are right. There are no coincidences. I’m not sure who said it ( I heard James Mitchener ) but I think it is so real:
    Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. And as you often say, when we are as open to give as to receive. The world is abundant if we are open to it.
    Thank you for reminding us.

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