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How You Can Easily Use Creativity and Doodles to Learn and Grow – Even if You THINK You’re Not Creative.

The real power of Heartwork Journaling comes from combining life lessons with art that you create so that you attribute more meaning and lasting significance to the lesson. Through simple art you internalize and personalize what you’re learning so you can benefit from it in all aspects of your life.

My favorite way to illustrate the effectiveness of this powerful method of learning is to combine the teaching of the three main guidelines of Heartwork Journaling with an art lesson on how to draw shapes, doodles and stick figures. I’ll be doing this in an upcoming Heartwork Journaling livestream lesson.

be brave doodle art journal

Here’s an example of a recent doodle from my art journal that helped me to remember to be brave when confronted with an uncomfortable situation:

You may be asking yourself how can learning to draw stick figures help me have a better life?

To answer that, I’m going to be doing a free Heartwork Journaling livestream lesson all about how you can use shapes and doodles to learn and grow.

It’s on Thursday, October 12 at 8pm EST and I’ll share the 3 guidelines of Heartwork Journaling and demonstrate for how how using simple shapes and doodles can help you integrate learnings more deeply.

You can register for this Heartwork Journaling lesson below:

During this lesson we will be drawing representations of what each of the 3 guidelines means to each of us using either the shapes, doodles or stick figures that I’ll teach you how to draw.

The important thing here is to take the concept or rule and draw a representation of that concept in a way that has meaning and significance to you. This simple and fun process of using creativity (in this case art) to express the concept is where all the power comes from.

Some more examples from my art journal:

stick figure inspiration art journal

You’re taking an idea, thought or concept out of your head, personalizing it and then expressing it on paper through your hands.

Something truly magical happens in this process.

Here’s another example reframing the act of selling:

Making Offers in Your Business is an Act of Love . withholding offers is withholding love

The act of creatively expressing a concept brings together the 2 hemispheres of your brain and lesson becomes a part of you. Art that you create enhances the meaning, significance and lasting power of what you learned.

It sounds simple. In fact it almost sounds exaggerated. How can drawing something give it more meaning? Try it and you’ll see.

Oh and by the way. Each of the 3 Guidelines for Heartwork Journaling I’ll review during the livestream are also 3 incredibly liberating and valuable rules to use in your everyday life.

Sign up below and join me for the next FREE Live Stream Heartwork Journaling lesson.

I’ll show you exactly how to use shapes and doodles so that you make information more meaningful and pertinent to YOU!

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