Product Creation Advice – What Exactly is an Ebook?

Writing an Ebook can be the first step in creating a profitable and low cost online business. The Baby boomer generation still loves the feel of a physical paper book, but even they are adapting to the next generation demand of having instant access to content via a screen.

Here are some interesting statistics about the increasing popularity of Ebooks and other electronic information products. In 2008, printed book sales dropped 2.4 % and sales of Ebook jumped over 68%. Only during the month of December, Ebook sales grew by 120% a sure sign the popularity of Ebooks just going to continue growing.

One question many people ask is “So what exactly is an Ebook?”
Writing and creating an Ebook is a form of E-publishing which means to publish your content in an electronic format. This includes Ebooks, downloadable audios like MP3s or online video. An Ebook is your content in text form.

The easiest way to create an Ebook is to make an outline of your How-To information… Grab a tape recorder and pretend you are teaching that information to someone who could benefit from it. Have it transcribed and there is the foundation of your Ebook. You’ll have to go in and edit, but the hardest part is over.

Once you have your Ebook as a text document, you’ll need to turn it into a PDF file. PDF means Portable Document Format which just basically means it can be shared among all different kinds of users.
I hope you noticed I didn’t use fancy words like platforms and cross browser compatability? Well, that’s because I don’t really know what those things mean myself! You don’t need to know all the gory details that can seem like rocket science. You just need to know how to get your content out of your head into a product so you can make money from home like me!

There are several different ways to turn your Word document into a PDF. From online services to free software as well as paid software that lets you do things like embed video into your PDF, which means you can even create a multimedia Ebook easily.

And an Ebook can be just the beginning of your E-publishing empire!

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