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What Is Heartwork Journaling?

heartwork art journaling

I’ve been using art journaling for years to make myself feel better and to gain inner peace and strength. When I first started I didn’t know how what I was doing worked or why; or that it had a name.

I just knew every time I sat down with my art supplies and allowed myself to create, without judging what I was creating, I always felt better afterwards.

A lot of the time I would just start drawing and painting without any end goal in mind. I just wanted to let go of my thoughts, relax, and create freely.

Other times I would think about a challenging situation I was experiencing and draw out what it was and how it made me feel. On the opposite page I would draw out what I really wanted and how great that would feel.

Before I was finished I could feel something inside me change. I would begin to view the situation more clearly and feel more empowered. I would begin to see ways I could make my situation better by taking action and creating what I really wanted in my life.

I Was Using Art and Creativity To Change My Life

I thought I was just drawing, painting, and doodling. But what I was really doing was using art and creativity to change my life, and it felt amazing!

Over the years, I’ve shared this with coaching clients and started creating courses like the Business Vision Board Workshop that included creativity.

In 2020, Doodle Your Emotions was launched and Heartwork Journaling University followed.

since then thousands of people are now benefitting from playing with a purpose.

Below is the Welcome Lesson from the latest live version of Doodle Your Emotions (version 2.0)

Now there are 29 amazing Heartworkers in Heartwork Journaling Certification getting certified to teach these methods and lessons.

More and more people are discovering the healing power of art, creativity, and visualization every day.

If you want to join me to try using simple creativity to create incredible positive changes in your life, join me for my upcoming HeartWork Journaling lessons.

One of my favorite authors on the subject is of course Brene Brown. In her book Braving the Wilderness, she says…

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.”

“Art gives pain, and our most wretched emotions voice, language, and form, so it can be recognized and shared.”

“The magic of art is the ability to both capture our pain and deliver us from it at the same time.”

~ Brene Brown

art heartwork journaling

The Benefits of Creating Art Are Tremendous

The benefits of creating art were so tremendous for me that eventually it became a regular, daily practice. And I started to combine my habit of writing in my journal with my artwork into what I like to call Heartwork Journaling.

My number one rule when it comes to the art room is no judgement! Nothing is outside the lines when creating art. Just spending time in a judgement free place leaves me feeling rejuvenated.

A lot of time I’m just creating freely, without any particular purpose other than to relax. But I also love to think about a goal or dream I have, sit down with my art supplies, and let my thoughts and feelings guide my creativity.

Something happens when you focus on a thought or idea, and begin to express it through your hands. There’s a powerful transfer of energy that takes place.

Brene Brown describes this in her book The Gift of Imperfection.

“Creativity embeds knowledge so that it can become practice. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands. We are born makers, and creativity is the ultimate act of integration – it is how we fold our experiences into our being.”

Join Me For a Heartwork Journaling Lesson

The last several years, my regular journaling practice has become a regular art journaling practice that I love to share with others. To watch other people benefit from the same freedom and peace that Heartwork Journaling has brought me is the greatest gift of all.

I’ve been sharing Heartwork Journaling Lessons on social media and also in the Business Vision Board Workshop, and the feedback has been wonderful.

Now I’m doing a series of free LIVE Heartwork Journaling lessons via livestream and you are invited to join me.

Watch the video below for more on exactly what Heartwork Journaling is and for some examples of what we’ll do together:

Through Heartwork Journaling lessons, you will:

  • Gain more clarity on your goals & dreams and get unstuck…
  • Gain much more courage and follow through…
  • Rediscover and use the power you already have inside of you…
  • Heal past hurts so they no longer have hold over you…
  • Focus on who you want to become…
  • Access your emotions so you can work through the tough stuff…
  • Add more color, joy and play into your life!

courage cards art journalingIt does NOT matter at all if you are an artist, you have never tried creativity or you’re scared of trying to draw a circle.

Heartwork Journaling is not about your artwork, it’s about your heartwork.

These simple and fun lessons will eliminate your self-doubt, fear and anxiety and help you get into your heart – where your clarity and courage live.

Find your answers, your path, your inspiration, from the #1 expert on the topic – YOU!

Click here to sign up for Heartwork Journaling now.


  1. Kariné on October 8, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    So looking forward to this Thursday’s session!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Lisa Ruddock on May 31, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Hi Maritza,

    I am so excited about being a new member of the Heartwork Journaling University! I just wanted to tell you that today I had the perfect situation to practice the Equation of Emotion on! I did it with my son, since it affected him as well. I wanted to share it, so here it is:

    My Unintentional Equation:

    Circumstance: My son’s cousin sent him a message on Instagram accusing him of not calling his grandmother recently to see how she was doing and saying he was “in denial.” (she had contracted COVID about 1 month ago and was back in the hospital, which my son just found out about 2 days ago)

    My Thought: How dare she accuse him of not caring about his grandmother!

    My emotion: Anger

    My Action: I told him to write back to her telling his side of the story. I told him to call his father (who is my ex-husband) and tell him what she did (she is his niece).

    Result: I was still angry and wanted his father to feel upset about it also.

    Intentional Equation:

    C: Son’s cousin accused him of not caring about his sick grandmother/not calling her in the past 3 weeks.
    T: Why is she saying this?
    E: Curiousity
    A: Looked at the situation from her perspective. She has been staying at the grandma’s house and may be stressed-out watching her grandma struggling (having a hard time breathing). She has also been taking care of grandma’s dog.
    R: I feel thankful that she has been staying there to take care of her grandma and watch over her (and her dog while grandma is in the hospital).

    My son and I felt so much better after doing this! Thank you so much! <3

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